Welcome to Jadeer

Jadeer has a greatstory before it even started. eaa products that existed before Jadeer was born to have contributed greatly to it. The products we created before it have been put to the test only to be greatly influenced to change for the better. All this influence has been taken into consideration when creating Jadeer. We have taken the crucial elements from the previous products and gathered it in a substantial manner into Jadeer.

To clarify our approach just summarized, the 2 main products that influenced Jadeer are myAccreditation and QBox each demonstrating strengths in the processes they aim to improve. As for myAccreditation, the requirements of NCAAA (National Commission for Academic Accreditation and Assessment) needed an experienced consultant to constantly follow up with multiple parties of the institution’s staff and validate it through one or more guides that this commission provides. myAccreditation has come to be this one individual electronically validating this process. Facing over to QBox, a similar scenario was present, but it was with the quality processes of academics.

The processes have many formal standards that one or more quality management consultants struggle to validate and direct the institution’s staff to apply. The QBox product team has made these set of processes look easy by creating a handful of modules that institution’s staff go through sequentially to result in a group of high-level reports that are used by the managing staff including program coordinators and college deans to tackle down deficiencies that have been made apparent.